Just when you think this combo have achieved peak performance – they just keep getting better!

Perfect Movers Camilla and Jiff had a magnificent win at Tattersalls this weekend with a very high dressage score and perfect clear rounds on the cross country and show jumping courses. They made it look incredibly easy and finished almost 8 points ahead of the second and third placed competitors.

This must be a personal best for Camilla whose dressage performance put her virtually at the top of the leader board on day one.

Last time I got my hands on Jiff 2 weeks ago I said that he felt so good that he would float for his dressage training the following day. I’m so pleased that he did!

I so hope this little bundle of perfection keeps up the good work and makes it to London 2012. All of the eventers have been working relentlessly to earn their places and the competition will be well worth watching when it finally arrives.