I was upset to learn about Whitney Houston’s death today.  She was an incredibly bright star but sadly had her many demons to battle with.  The news stories seem to be a mix of the highs of her music to the lows of her substance abuse.

I was particularly moved by her candid revelations to Oprah in a 2 part special.  In this clip she comes across as a highly vulnerable individual finally becoming empowered as she talks about an incident when her husband, Bobby Brown, crossed a line and which would make anyone run for some kind of substance to numb the pain:


In the same interview she sings ‘I Didn’t Know My Own Strength’, a deeply moving song about her courageous recovery in which she remarks that her mother told her that she wasn’t built to break:


I am very sad for Whitney’s family that their vulnerable loved one finally broke.

Having instigated and directed thousands of both human and animal physical rehabilitation programmes, at face value, those in recovery may easily be perceived as weak but once the decision to recover is made, their strength can be profound.  Most  demonstrate that with the right help, they can be even better than before.  A big part of the rehab process seems to be about finding that inner strength and power that the individual never knew they had.

All of Whitney’s performances were special but in this Olympic year I would like to share the inspirational ‘One Moment In Time’ with you to remember her by as it sums up the scale of the relentless strength and courage required to be the best that an individual, either human or animal, can be when faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge:


RIP Whitney.  We Will Always Love You.